i want to put on makeup but i can’t because my eyes are still gross.

putting frozen tea bags on my eyes 

putting frozen tea bags on my eyes 

killthesedarlings answered your post: you could be having an allergic reaction to a new make up product/moisturizer/make up remover/etc.

adventurelady answered your post: Are you using any new make up remover or face wash?

i did get some new stuff a week or two ago, but i’ve used it in the past and i’m pretty sure that’s not what’s causing this.

honestly i think i’m retaining water and eating too many salts.
my diet is erractic. i’ve eaten more salty foods in the past few days than in the past month. after thinking about it, i’m pretty sure that’s what’s causing the swelling: lots of salt and not enough water intake.

i get the keys to my new apartment today

yesterday and today i woke up with swollen eyes.
i don’t know what’s causing it at all.

any ideas?

i have so many physical ailments right now it’s hilarious.
because i feel like i’m becoming more and more like a hypochondriac but i know that they are legitimate.

Many Ladies wear it this way

has the speakeasy watched miss fischer’s murder mysteries?
it’s right up our alley.